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A Play in Two Acts

Cast: Joan Bishop 30s a nurse; Tim Johnston a solicitor; Harriet Bishop late 70s/ 50s; Josephine Bishop 20s; Ivan O'Neill 30s; Rita 28 mild learning disability; Dr John Cusack a psychiatrist.

Joan gets a visit from a solicitor who tells her that her grandmother, from whom she has been estranged for many years, is dying and wants to see her. Joan blames her grandmother for her father's death and the loss of her mother. When she is persuaded to meet her gramdmother she discovers she has a sister. And so Rita comes into her life and into the elderly Mrs Bishop's life bringing both of them joy.

Very good, strong male and female parts.



The Kilmant Players production of TickTock was very well received by audiences at this summer's dinner theatre in The Grand Hotel Wicklow

A Way To Live

A Play in 7 scenes

Gran, her daughter and two grand daughters Miriam and Elizabeth live together in an old, poorly maintained house of faded gentility. They keep themselves shut away from the world with only their books and the Gay Byrne show on the radio for entertainment. Gran is the only one who leaves the house ever since that day long ago when Elizabeth went to the library and their lives changed for ever. Gran warns them continuously that you can't trust anyone, even if they seem to be helpful and so she goes once a week to collect her pension and get the groceries. But Gran falls ill and Mama and her daughters don't know what to do. They try to continue living the only way they know until the postmaster and the sergeant come knocking on the door.

This is a dark play with 4 female and 2 male parts.







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